Monday, February 4, 2013


Who doesn't know Cinderella's story. We all know how it ends. However, this time you will have to continue the story and give it a different ending. Just write a comment with your own and unique ending.


This is the story you all know:


  1. Sergio Beltrán PortelaFebruary 5, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    But one day Cinderella's stepmother goes to a meeting of three days. Cinderella's make a party and all people can come.Cinderella's very famous and she make a lot of news friends. When Cinderella's stopmother goes back Cinderella's goes to a friend's house to live in it.

  2. One day prince Harry, still single at the age of forty five, gives a party to find a lovely wife.
    Cinderella decides not to go, knowing it will be the only moment she has to be alone. Using her iphone, she finds a job as a scientific at a prestigious laboratory in the U.S.A., leaving her stepmother´s and stepsister´s house and never seeing them again.

  3. Lucía Potier Riveiro 6 C
    Cindrella is escape this house of stepmother and stepsisters, and she's invent the machin of the temp and she´s voyaging to the 2013 and she's appear in the Mc Donals, and a mess was mounted, and Cinderella decide back at she´s epoch.

  4. Cindrella don´t go to the party she´s go to the cinema with the prince and after cinema the prince and cenicienta go to the supermarket they buy? yes they buy food becouse the saturday morning is her wedding and all goes well and Cindrella and the prince live happily.

    Míriam 6ºA

  5. But a day her stepmother became ill, and cinderella called a doctor, the stepmother are very sick. In the moorning, the stepmother dosn't open her eyes... cinderella, the doctor and the stepsisters is very concerned. No matter how bad seleven, the stepmother are sick, and that it's the more important thing. Cinderella is crying, although mistreated she love's she.
    A tear falls on the stepmother's hand... suddenly opens her eyes and hung to cinderella. In the end, the stepmother was kind and good to Cinderella hosts.

  6. Cinderella then tells his stepsister and his stepmother to work and know what tired as she has fun.
    Iria 6ºC

  7. Cinderella, all days doing the same thing, so one day she whated to do something different, so when her stepmother and her stepsisters were sleep,Cinderellaa left the house secretly.Al aot,ran, and ran until she camed to a forest,is lost, so Cinda verella hit the ground and fell sleep.But the day after,her stepmother and her stepsisters to see that Cinderella was not there,sent to fetch security guard,they wanted milk!But further into the forest...Cinderella woke up and after several steps, suddenly it is a very small house,so touched and became huge!Within nobody!-she says-She had free time and different things to do.And her stepmother and her stepsisters as much as the serch, no way, so they decided to canceled it and hire another.

  8. One day the stepmother rested Cinderella, she ran to her room, jumped on the bed and looked at the blue sky and suddenly her fairy godmother.
    The fairy godmother said.
    - Hey Cinderella, I'm your fairy godmother, if you want I can give only a wish.
    - Okay, I desire is to be a teacher so we can get rid of my stepmother.
    Cinderella replied.
    The fairy granted his wish and after three days, became a teacher.
    The next day when I was walking through the streets of New York, Cinderella met a guy on the street, they both went for a coffee.
    Two months after the two married tubieron a child but did not have enough money as the child could not go to school.
    But in the end happily ever after.

    For Pepe González Vallés.

  9. Cinderella went to the party, but,when the party finished cinderella was ill, so, she stayed a week in prince castle. The prince help Cinderella and when Cinderella was good they get married.
    They went to the moon and they discover the people who lives in the moon. The people was green so they named it the ´´green animals´´.
    The king of the´´green animals´´ was very friendly and tall but the queen was unfriendly and short.The ´´green animals´´ made a house to the prince and Cinderella.
    Today if you look at the moon you can see the prince and Cinderella saying hello.


  10. When Cinderella's crying, her fairy goodfather/pop singer, Michael Jackson's spirit, enters in her room.
    -Don't crying, you can say a wish to meeeeee!!-said the spirit.
    -I desire...
    -Stop! There rules: First: you can't desire the died. Second: you can't desire the atomic bomb, and the last: you can't not desire nothing.
    -OK.I desire a chocolate cake three-ply.
    The spirit make's a cake. The Cinderella's stepmother enters in Cinderella's room. Cinderella throws the cake to her face, jumping by the window, runs to a Ford distributor, buy a "Ford Fiesta", leads to Afganistan and becomes president.

    For Tiago Delgado Diaz (alias Tiaguete) 6ºC

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  12. But one day,Cinderella was cleaning and a man knock in the door and ask for Cinderella.Everybody were surprised... WAS THE KING!!!!!!!!!
    You are talking with her,I'm Cinderella.
    -Great,I'm your dad-say the king Philip to Cinderella-I was looking for you ten years TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -I'm a princes,Ican't belive it!!!!!!!!!!
    -Please come with me,my dawter
    -OK,I can't say "NO"-and that day Cinderella start's to live like a princes.

  13. Cinderella went to the party in London where she saw the prince and she ask to the prince:
    You want dancing with me?
    and the prince say yes. Cinderella and the prince went to the feast and they sit together.Cinderella and the prince fell in love and they married.
    At the wedding there was Music, games,and especially the feast.
    The wedding was amazing, the prince and Cinderella they could marry an they live happily,For ever!.

  14. Cinderella went to the party in London where she saw the prince and she ask to the prince:
    You want dancing with me?
    and the prince say yes. Cinderella and the prince went to the feast and they sit together.Cinderella and the prince fell in love and they married.
    At the wedding there was Music, games,and especially the feast.
    The wedding was amazing, the prince and Cinderella they could marry an they live happily,For ever!.

    Pedro 6ºA

  15. But a day, Cinderella went to a nearby well she shot a coin and made a wish. After a day the desire to escape was met and made ​​new friends with whom she played .


  16. A day was Cinderella will always do what you sent she decided to scape to a dance in London.on 11:30 she went out of her house but one of her sisters where caught Cinderella scared she started to run thinking that her siser was going to say but was she did was shout Cinderella hopes that I will with you Cinderella astonished the hope and the twwo were dancing.Cinderella lose her shoe and the prince knew that was hers and went to Cinderella house and tell to the police the abuses that suffred Cinderella a few months after she and prince lived happily ever after SERGIO TORRES 6A

  17. One day Cinderella went to the city for to buy food, in this moment the prince was walking and see her.He goes near her and hold her hand and ask her marriage she said:Yes. They celebrated a big party without their stepmother and stepsisters. They live in a beautiful house far away the palace they went very happy and hat three kids.

    Claudia Cabaleiro Lorenzo 6ºA

  18. Three days after, Cinderella went to the market , and in the distance she saw the prince in his horse. Cinderella was very happy when she saw him. He recognized her instantly and ran to her.
    Since that day they lived happily in the castle and they had a lot of children.

    Brais Raña 6ºC

  19. One day going home a very rich lady looking for a maid to live with her, says stepmother ask in another house. Cinderella thinks is his chance to escape and offers to go with the rich lady. In the house of the lady does not have to work so hard and try better. The rich lady was a cousin of the Prince. The Cinderella prince fell in love and married.
    Eva 6ºA

  20. One day ran away from home to go to meet the people of the village and met a good man who worked in the fields, were such good friends that diicided to live with it for the Canary Islands. Her stepmother and stepsisters searched, and searched, but never found.
    Laura 6C

  21. Cinderella, unhaplpy with her slave live, decide goes away of her stepmother´s house, but she doesn´t know were to go. Then, a godmother appear ant talk to her: I want to give you a desire.

    Cinderella, decide goes on other time an an other place. The next day when she wake up, was in an other time, in XXI century, an an other place, in Vigo.

    The Galician people recognize the intelligent, goodness an work capacity of Cinderella. Here she was happy an free.

    Roi Caride 6º C

  22. One day Cinderella starts collecting leaves at night. She thought that there was leaves that were lucky and stayed in the tree, and others less fortunate were falling to the ground. She thought that was the same with the people. There were people who were lucky and lived very well, and others, like her, were less fortunate and mistreated. He began to cry but suddenly heard a tiny voice that spoke her. It was a small ant that wanted to help her. The ant called his family and invaded the Cinderella's stepmother home. There were so many ants attacking Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters, that they left their home and never returned.
    Pepe A 6C

  23. One day Cinderella tired of her stepmother and stepsisters treat her badly and decided to escape to where their parents once lived.
    Shortly after, she met a handsome prince she fell in love and together they decided to go to castillodonde man lived. They walked a couple of mountains and soon reached the future home of Cinderella.
      Passing one year planned everything for your wedding, the ceremony was very nice.
    After spending nine months had twin sons, David and Martina.
    They were happily ever after.

  24. Pablo Domínguez FernándezFebruary 12, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Then her fairy godmother appeared and she gave to Cinderella a dress and a Ferrari. Cinderella went to a party and she knew a very famous singer. They went in the Ferrari to his castle in Switherland and they lived happy. While, the stepsisters and stepmother continued to live in a shack and they die of envy seen Cinderella on TV when she goes to high-society parties.

    Pablo Domínguez 6ºC

  25. One day, Cindarella is watering the flowers and she is listening the excellentest noise. Her nearvy is playing the guitar and she likes music and she loves playing the guitar. Cinderella decides to visit her nearvy.
    - Hello, John!
    - Hello, Cinderella!
    - Can you teach me to play the guitar?? I loves it and I knows a little.
    - Yes, I can.
    Cinderella and John are playing the guitar every afternoon, and all afternoons for years. Cinderella becomes a artist and she never forgets John.
    Lucia Nieto 6ºC.

  26. Who can she do for have time to her and to please her family???When suddenly she see a cockroach on the floor it says:
    -I can be your wishes.
    Cinderella don't like cockroachs and she try sweep .Before to give blow with the broom a beautiful woman says:
    -Cinderella,I'm your godmother and this cockroach is doing my work I be your wishes.
    -I'm confused-Cinderella-I don't know who says.
    -Believe me-cockroach-I'm new in this but I'm dure I'm very good in this work.
    In this mess one of her stepsisters says:
    -Give a explanation Cinderella I don't understand this mess.
    Cinderella tells all and her stepsisters fells sorry for her and the other stepsisters says:
    -Ok,from now we take turn one-day.
    The stepmother seems right,and they don't into troubles.

  27. But a great day, her fairy godmother came home.
    I found in the garden crying a lot, her fairy made ​​a dress that shone much.
    But her fairy godmother said the spell was over at 12:00.
    Then he went to the castle to dance.
    I dance with her beloved prince, but suddenly had the stroke of 12.
    She ran away but tripped on the stairs and disappeared the spell uncovering his cover.
    His stepmother punishment stairs washing, cooking and punishment not get out of the castle.
    Your prince wanted to marry her, and her reaction was to send imprison her stepmother and her stepsisters.
                                           THE END

  28. when testing the shoe Cinderella wakes from sleep but it turns Cinderella was a princess from the beginning,the princess more beautiful and more beloved of all time.
    Carmen 6ºA

  29. One day her stepmother and stepsisters go shopping. Cinderella escaping and goes to a town. After one year she married a prince and never returned to see her stepmother.
    Sara Rodriguez 6A

  30. One day her stepmother and stepsisters go shopping. Cinderella escaping and goes to a town. After one year she married a prince and never returned to see her stepmother.
    Sara Rodriguez 6A

  31. ...But Cinderella loves to dance and sing. going to the city to make a casting for a musical. but do not choose it and goes back home, is sad and alone. When he gets home the stepmother told
    -Where you come from?
    - I went for a walk to luky said Cinderella
    -Good Cinderella's stepmother said
    Cinderella returned two days later go to another casting with luky. Cinderella was chosen and was popular in town.
    Luky and she did not return to the house of the Stepmother

    SABELA .F.P. 6ºB

  32. Until one day she decided to leave home to start a new life. She found work in a restaurant in high position, in a town far,after faults walked for three longs days.
    There was paid enogh to live minimally good (or buy your old life) . She ended up falling in love with one of the waiter who eventually marry.
    And they lived forever happy.

    Sara Palmeiro 6 C

  33. Cinderella and the principe go to the amusement park. They go to the noria.
    When they are in the higgest part of the noria, the noria stops.
    Cinderella and the prince enjoy.They kiss and the thing in her wedding.

    María Cristina Soto 6ºA

  34. The Cinderella aburrede the nonsense of the stepmother and her stepsisters and reveals .... Grab your bags and tickets to Galicia Villette is very good site and goes to the house where the father died.
    Marina 6ºC

  35. Cinderella gets tired of the nonsense of the stepmother and her stepsisters and reveals .... Grab your bags and tickets to Galicia Villette is very good site and goes to the house where his father died.
    Sorry Luis is this

  36. But one day Cinderella meets a boy,when she went to buy the bread to have lunch and she get in love.
    She try tosay it to his steepmother but she never do it because she always shout him to go to work.
    So Cinderella maride whith that boy and she goes to life whith him.

  37. Cinderella hasn´t time from enjoy. One day, she decides to leave home another place, because she doesn´t like her work and she is sad. Cinderella wants to be happy and she wants find her blue prince. Natalia Lorenzo 6ºB

  38. Diego 6ºB
    One day,Cinderella can't estand it any more. Cinderella packed up and went to his uncle's house. Care of his uncle there until he died,then she met her prince charming named Alberto expected, started a family together.


  39. Andrés Barandela 6ºBFebruary 21, 2013 at 9:09 PM

    While her Stepmother and stepsisters was sleeping, Cinderella was working in the kitchen, She went to bed very late. The next day, at 6 o´clock , Cinderella went to the market.
    On the way, She read a note in the wall,


    Cinderella never return to the house of her Stepmother. She found a new house where she had more time to rest.

  40. February 26,2013 at 4:00
    One day,Cinderella walked in the garden,she was very quiet until she saw that there was somethingin the bushess hiat pproached to heer.When she saw it was a mouse.She was so afraid hiat she tried to kill him with a broom.She chased end but she could not trap.Cinderella was so tired that she fell asleep.
    When she woke the next day the mouse was on her.Cinderella was so afraid that she fainted and her lips kissed the mouse accidentally.
    When Cinderella woke afrain,a handsome prince.Was kissing the two fell in love and got married the same day.

    ANDREA 6ºA

  41. she feels blue. She wants to escape. She goes far away from this house. But she doesn´t know where. One day, when she cleans the house and the stepmother and stepsisters sleep in bed, she goes to take rubbish out. Suddenly one martian appears infront of her. He said "Cinderella, come with me" and Cinderella goes. Nobody see her again.
    Aaron 6ºA

  42. even to go to the dancing wite prince it is 10 o´clock, then 3 mice appeared and making a drees,¡¡¡could go dancing with prince!!!
    When cinderella entered the palace she saw that the prince was ugly
    then she ran away.

    Raquel oya 6ºA